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[Pabst Blue Ribbon x Guncraft x BAC2023] Jointed Claw 178 “Triple collaboration commemorative color”

[Pabst Blue Ribbon x Guncraft x BAC2023] Jointed Claw 178 “Triple collaboration commemorative color”

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Basser ALLSTAR CLASSIC 2023 commemorative model limited quantity product [ Pabst Blue Ribbon × Guncraft × BAC2023]
Jointed Claw 178 “Triple collaboration commemorative color

After fishing is “ Pabst ” and “Cheers!!”
The tricolor jointed claw 178, which symbolizes Pabst Blue Ribbon , is on sale in limited quantities as a triple collaboration commemorative model!

Length: 280mm (when equipped with Javaron tail), 230mm (when equipped with ridge tail)
Lure Wt.: 2oz class (Floating Type)

The original S-curve design.
In conventional lipped lures, the action, such as wobbling and rolling, is generated by the resistance of water against the lip. However, this lipless lure, "Ayuja Jointed Claw," not only produces but showcases an S-shaped trajectory, a movement that was not just absent in existing lures but something that could not be achieved until now. Simply reeling in this lure creates the distinctive "S-curve action," delivering a powerful virgin impact on bass. It has the capability to draw bass from considerable distances, enticing them into a strike. Moreover, this movement triggers the predatory instincts of bass, successfully capturing their attention as if the lure is perceived as prey. Even fish that initially missed a bite are prompted to strike again, demonstrating a reaction that treats the lure as a true "prey."

About: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Born in 1844 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently based in California, Pabst Blue Ribbon is an American lager beer from the Pabst Brewing Company. Crafted through a unique fermentation and aging process based on traditional recipes, it stands out with a refreshing taste that delicately balances hops, setting it apart from typical lagers in Japan. Continuously maintaining top-tier sales in the United States, Pabst Blue Ribbon has earned its place as a renowned beer brand.

In contrast to other major beer brands in the U.S. that fall under large corporations, Pabst, with its concept of "ALWAYS ORIGINAL," manages everything from production to sales in-house to preserve its distinct identity. Although without an official distributor for approximately 40 years in Japan, Pabst has become a core beer known for its connection to American culture, frequently sampled by skate and street brands.

The famous line from the 1986 movie "Blue Velvet," where the character played by the late Dennis Hopper declares, "Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!" symbolizes the beloved character of Pabst Blue Ribbon among the masses.

Pabst Blue Ribbon has established close ties with culture and fashion, organizing one of the largest indoor music festivals in the U.S. and managing theaters. Due to its unique history, it is not only favored by blue-collar workers but has also gained support as a symbol of American beer across various demographics, including street youth, musicians, artists, and more.



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