User Guide

How to order products

[1] Please select the product to purchase

→ Select the product you want to purchase from the product details page.
→ Select the quantity, color, etc.
→ Click the [Add to Cart] button.

[2] Login/new member registration

→ If you are an existing member and have not logged in, please log in using your email address and password.
→If you are registering as a new member, please enter your email address and click the [Register as a member] button to register as a member.
※Member registration is free.

[3] Confirm application details

→ Please check the product you have applied for and the delivery address.

[4] Select payment method

Select your payment method. There are three payment methods available at our store: cash on delivery, credit card payment, and convenience store payment.
Please enter the coupon code in the field below the payment method.
*We do not accept changes to the payment method after placing an order, or changes to the payment method after placing an order.


*Check your order history

Please log in by entering your login ID and password in the "Login" area at the top right of the screen.
Member information will be displayed, so please click "Order History" on the page.
If you are logged in, click My Page.

*If you do not receive the order completion email

The email may have been automatically sorted into your spam folder or trash.
Please check once and if you cannot find it, we will send you an email again, so please contact us using the inquiry form.

*About reservations

Please note that we do not reserve items.



About payment

Credit card payment

Fee: Varies depending on the number of splits.
Payment method: Can be divided
■One-time payment (Customer will not be charged any payment fees)
■Payment in 2 installments (Customers will not be charged any payment fees)
■Instalments (3 times, 5 times, 6 times, 10 times, 12 times, 15 times, 18 times, 20 times, 24 times)
(Customers will be charged a fee prescribed by their credit card company.)
■Revolving payment (customer will be charged a fee prescribed by the credit card company)
*Please contact your credit card company for the fee rate prescribed by your credit card company.
Acceptable credit cards: VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMERICAN EXPR ESS, Diners
The purchase date is the product shipping date, and payment processing is performed at the time the product is shipped.
For inquiries regarding the date of withdrawal or the date reflected on your statement, please contact the issuing credit card company you used.
Please check the back of your card for contact information.
The entered credit card information, etc. will be encrypted and transmitted using SSL (encrypted communication technology) and will be securely processed by the GMO Payment Gateway payment system. 

Product cash on delivery payment

Please pay in cash to the delivery company when the product is delivered.
*Cash on delivery fee is required.
*Please note that even if you order on the same day, if your order is split into two or more orders, you will be charged a handling fee for each order.
*Some areas may not be available.

Convenience store payment

This method allows you to pay for the product in advance at your local convenience store.
It can be used to pay for products excluding pre-ordered products.
After confirming your payment, we will ship your ordered product.
When ordering, please select the convenience store you wish to use.
After completing the order procedure, please make a payment at the convenience store you specified. After confirming your payment, we will ship the product.

You can choose to pay at the following 7 convenience stores:
Family Mart
Circle K Sunkus
Daily Yamazaki

Payment methods vary depending on the convenience store company.
Payment can be made in cash at any convenience store.
*If payment is not received by the payment deadline, we may cancel your order.



Regarding delivery

About shipping cost

Delivery fee: 660 yen (tax included)

Nekopos shipping fee: 310 yen (tax included)

*For regions where relay fees, such as Okinawa and remote islands, apply, an additional shipping fee will be charged.
*Additional shipping charges will be charged for large items or if special packaging is required.

About the delivery date of the product

If the product is already on sale and in stock, it will normally be delivered within 2 to 7 business days from the date of application.
However, if the destination is a remote island, delivery may be delayed.
Please note that for products that will take more than 8 business days from ordering to delivery, this will be specified separately on the product details screen.
*If an item is found to be out of stock after placing your order, we will contact you separately.

About specifying delivery date and time

We only accept requests by time slot.

Undelivered delivery due to refusal to receive or long-term absence

Please note that items returned due to customer reasons such as refusal of delivery or long-term absence will be automatically canceled and subsequent re-delivery will not be accepted.
In addition, if you continue to have your items returned to us multiple times due to refusal of delivery or long-term absence, we may restrict your use of the site. 

Incorrect registration of shipping address

If you have entered the shipping address incorrectly, the shipping company or our store will contact you.

Changing the shipping address after placing an order

Please note that we cannot change the shipping address after placing your order.



About consumption tax

Consumption taxes, etc. will be rounded down to the nearest 1 yen.



About returns

Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations due to customer convenience.