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Waterproof, fan-equipped air-conditioned clothing for fishing

Waterproof, fan-equipped air-conditioned clothing for fishing

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Crowdfunding reaches 747% of goal! Air-conditioning clothing that can be used without worrying about getting wet.

This is an all-weather, waterproof, fan-equipped air-conditioned suit for fishing, created in collaboration between Tsuribito and Kuchofuku.

This collaboration was made possible by the passionate desire of the editorial staff of Tsuribito, a publishing company that specializes in fishing and has produced fishing content such as the monthly "Tsuribito" magazine, which was first published in 1946, to be able to conduct fishing interviews comfortably even under the scorching heat of summer. This is a notable item that achieved a crowdfunding rate of over 700% in advance of its sale on this site.


A collaboration between Tsuribito and Kuchofukusha, this all-weather, waterproof, fan-equipped suit is perfect for fishing.

This set includes a titanium-coated heat-shielding vest and a waterproof fan unit (fan, battery, cable, fast AC charging adapter, and battery case).

The Air-Conditioned Clothing® is not a single piece of clothing, but is divided into two parts: the clothing (vest) and the electric fan unit.

The vest of this air-conditioned clothing for fishing is made of 100% polyester, which is highly breathable and water-repellent, and the back of the fabric is titanium-coated to prevent the temperature from rising. It has excellent insulation properties and blocks out most of the heat from the outside, such as direct sunlight.

Available in unisex sizes: M, L, LL, 3L, 4L, and 5L.

The fan at the heart of the Air Conditioned Suit® is fully washable and dustproof and waterproof (JIS IP68 compliant), and the dedicated battery is also dustproof and waterproof (JIS IP55 compliant). In addition, a battery charger, battery case, and a connection cable for connecting the fan and battery are included, so you can enjoy cool summer fishing.

The output of the air that is blown into the clothes has four levels: 7.2V, 6.0V, 5.0V, and 3.3V from the strongest, and can be easily adjusted with the button on the battery.


Various specifications

Heat-shielding vest color: Khaki green, black 100%
titanium coating (back of fabric) to prevent temperature rise

▼Khaki green



Model: 182cm, 85kg / Wearing size: L

● Electric fan unit: Fully washable waterproof fan/dustproof and waterproof (JIS IP68 compliant)*
Battery/dustproof and waterproof (JIS IP55 standard compliant)*
*We do not guarantee against damage caused by water ingress, such as submersion.

Fan unit weight: 110g x 2
Battery: 274g

Set contents: Fan, battery, cable, fast AC charging adapter, battery case


Background of the collaboration

To explain what Air Conditioned Suit® is, it is clothing with a built-in electric fan and battery. The fan rotates, taking in outside air and blowing it into the clothing, cooling the body with the evaporative heat of sweat. Air Conditioned Suit® is manufactured by Ku-Chō-Fuku Co., Ltd. Since its founding in 2004, the company has been providing high-quality fan-equipped clothing, a lifesaver that has saved people who work outside in the summer.

Similar clothing is now being sold by other manufacturers, but the strength of the products of Kuchofuku Co., Ltd., the original manufacturer, is their high quality and reliability. Air Conditioned Suit® is a "wearable cooling device" and is an electrical product that you wear. Therefore, failures and malfunctions can lead to unexpected accidents and injuries. Even for Air Conditioned Suit® for fishing, which is expected to be used near water where there is a higher risk of failure than usual, product reliability is of utmost importance. The strength of Kuchofuku Co. , Ltd. is that it has achieved a defect rate that is close to zero, with a fan defect rate of 0.002%, a cable defect rate of 0.038%, and a battery defect rate of 0.043%, through a consistent management system that is unique to the pioneer of fan-equipped clothing and conducts research, design, and verification in-house.

How is this Air Conditioned Suit® "fishing-friendly"? The fan, which is the heart of the Air Conditioned Suit®, is waterproof (fan: JIS IP68 dustproof and waterproof, battery: JIS IP55 dustproof and waterproof). The dedicated fan is an electrical device, so it is naturally vulnerable to water and is equipment that requires care when used outdoors, but if it is waterproof, you can use it without worry. It is also nice that it can be washed completely, taking advantage of its waterproof performance (please follow the instruction manual for how to wash the fan. You can wash it with water after removing it from the vest body).

This is a perfect item for anglers who often get wet or dirty unexpectedly during fights, landings, rain showers, and retrieving snags. This time I used it for bass fishing, but it should also be useful for boat fishing where you are more likely to be splashed with water!



Q1: "What is the difference between fishing-friendly Air Conditioned Suit® and regular Air Conditioned Suit®?"
A: "The electric fan is waterproof."

Q2: How cool is it actually?
A: "Even when wearing long sleeves and long pants on a day with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, I hardly felt any heat at all when the power was set to level 2 out of 4."

Q3: Is it okay if I don’t wear it?
A: "It's hard to notice while you're fishing, but in the hot sun you lose your energy without even realizing it. You'll feel less tired when you get home."

Q4: What is the size like?
A: "Even a 182cm tall person like me can wear the L size. I felt that a slightly smaller size would narrow the air passage around the neck and be cooler."
*This is Oami's personal opinion. Air Conditioning Clothing recommends wearing a larger size to ensure a larger air flow path.

Q5: How long does the battery last?
A: "When used at the strongest of the four power levels, 7.2V, it will operate continuously for about 6 hours. When used at the weakest level, 3.3V, it will operate for more than 24 hours."

Q6: How loud is the fan when it's running?
A: It's not silent, but even at full power it has almost no effect on conversations.

Q7: Is the fan waterproof?
A: "The fan is dustproof and waterproof JIS IP68 compliant. The battery is dustproof and waterproof JIS IP55 compliant."

Q8: Can this be used with a life jacket?
A: "You can use it with any inflatable life jacket that is either waist-wrapped or suspender-type. The length of the Air Conditioned Suit® vest is short, so you can wear it so that the bottom of the vest is over the waist-wrapped inflatable life jacket. The bottom is tapered, so there is not much to worry about, but please be careful not to cover the life jacket while wearing it. You can also wear a suspender-type inflatable life jacket. Please wear it over the Air Conditioned Suit®. The Air Conditioned Suit® fan is on the back, so it can be used without interference. There were no problems with the air flow path. A vest-type life jacket with a built-in buoyancy device will interfere with the fan and there will be no air flow path, so it cannot be used together."

Q9: Will it interfere with my bag?
A: "The air-conditioning suit's fans are located on the left and right sides of the back, so they may interfere with backpacks or shoulder bags. If you plan to use it together with a fishing tackle bag, we recommend a waist pouch type."

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