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Basser insect repellent cut parka [TULTEX × Basser]

Basser insect repellent cut parka [TULTEX × Basser]

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This lightweight hoodie uses "No Fly Zone," a contact repellent that repels insects when they come into contact with the fabric. It is an artificial contact repellent that is structurally similar to the repellent ingredients in natural pyrethrum, so you can wear it with confidence. It uses quick-drying stretch material that also has UV protection.

The Basser logo on the left chest is inspired by the giant dragonfly, a natural enemy of mosquitoes and horseflies.


size M L LL
Length 66 68 70
Sleeve length 81.5 84 86.5
Chest circumference 106 110 114


Model: 182cm, 85kg / Wearing size: L

What is Basser?

"Basser" is Japan's first bass fishing magazine, first published in 1986. Since its launch, it has continued to report on the tournament scene and movements not only in Japan but also in the United States, the home of bass fishing.

It's fun to compete with many rivals,
Standing alone by the water or floating on the lake is fun.
It's fun just trying to catch a record-level fish.
It's fun as an outdoor activity that makes full use of the five senses,
It's fun as an outdoor leisure activity with your family or partner.
It's interesting to focus on specific lures and situations,
Just like sports like golf, it's fun to improve your skills, such as casting.
It's an interesting brain puzzle that makes use of high-tech equipment such as GPS and fish finders.

People who love bass fishing are called "basser."

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