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Basser custom color G-DASH SUNSET ORNGE

Basser custom color G-DASH SUNSET ORNGE

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G-DASH Basser original color

View from the shore of Kasumigaura Tournament Place (Oyama Slope), the venue for last year's Basser Allstar Classic 2023
An original color inspired by SUNSET.

Length: 130.0mm Lure Wt.: 1-3/8oz. class.

This product is in limited quantity, so please purchase it early!

◆ Retrieval When retrieving in the normal speed range, the triple body swings from side to side and swims as if a defenseless baitfish is cruising just below the water surface in unsuspecting mode.
During high-speed retrieval, G-DASH's 3-joint body violently kicks the water and swims just below the water surface like a fleeing baitfish. This is the basic operation of G-DASH that allows you to bring fish to bite by speed tricks such as slow and fast changes.

Even when the line is slack, G-DASH reacts to line expansion and contraction, slight water currents, wind, etc., and twists and turns on the water's surface by itself, as if it has a will. By taking advantage of the high response performance unique to G-DASH, you can attract the target by simply leaving it for a while after casting. In addition, stop-and-go is also effective because it produces a fascinating kune reaction even with slow retrieves. The moment you stop retrieving by gently rotating the handle once or twice, the body turns around and comes to a standstill, just like a bluegill coming to a sudden stop, followed by a lingering action that seems to hover in an exquisite "fluffy" state. produce. From there, all the motions of the bluegill, from "still" to "moving", are precisely reproduced, including the way the fish rises with its head slightly above the water surface.

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