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[BAC2023×Imakatsu] UMA Death Roll Slow Sinking Standard Color #950 Flash

[BAC2023×Imakatsu] UMA Death Roll Slow Sinking Standard Color #950 Flash

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[BAC2023 Custom Made x Imakatsu] UMA Death Roll Slow Sinking Standard Color #950 Flash

"Don't let the bass lose sight of the reality"
The world's first reverse rotation, I-shaped, swinging big bait

Bass are curious, and as a result of their natural instincts, they react strongly and aggressively to objects that they cannot see clearly. UMA Death Roll's body, which always rotates forward and backward, generates intense water waves and screw sounds from its entire body, from dead throws to ultra-high-speed retrieves. At first glance, the I-shaped lure appears to have a straight trajectory, but the constantly rotating body and turbulent water flow disturb the lure's reality, creating a dazzling effect that makes it difficult for bass to see its true identity until the very end.

A custom color was created to commemorate Basser Allstar Classic 2023.
Color name: #950 Flash
Length: 150mm Weight: 33g Type: Slow Sinking

[Features of slow sinking type]
From dead slow to super high speed, it looks like an I-shape and the body always rotates back and forth, creating a strong fish-attracting effect and a dazzling effect. It also has a three-dimensional rotational swinging action that suppresses the distance traveled. It can be used as a big bait to attract call-ups at pin spots.

Don't miss this opportunity to purchase this limited edition bespoke color!

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