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[BAC2022×FRUIT OF THE LOOM] Socks (3 pair set)

[BAC2022×FRUIT OF THE LOOM] Socks (3 pair set)

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Fruit of the Loom Collaboration Apparel Socks (Set of 3)

In commemoration of the Basser ALLSTAR CLASSIC 2022, a collaboration product with the popular brand 'FRUIT OF THE LOOM' is now available!

The set includes three pairs of socks featuring the logos of both 'Basser' and 'FRUIT OF THE LOOM.'

When folded, the 'FRUIT OF THE LOOM' logo is visible, and it's versatile enough to wear folded or unfolded!

The design, kept simple in monochrome, blends well with any style or outfit.

Consider pairing it with other items from the brand collaboration, such as the bucket hat and Long Sleeve T-Shirt



Based in Kentucky, USA, this world-renowned apparel and underwear manufacturer boasts a history of over 170 years. Deeply ingrained in the daily lives of Americans, the brand has been creating essential and iconic basic garments. It is said that there is no American who is unfamiliar with the fruit logo, which has seamlessly blended into the fabric of American life. Building upon a foundation of underwear and basic apparel lines, including T-shirts, the brand continues to propose neutral products transcending genres, ages, and genders, all under the keyword of 'comfortable lifestyle goods for everyone.

Cotton, polyester, polyurethane


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