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[BAC2022×deps] Silent Killer 145 “PINK X-RAY”

[BAC2022×deps] Silent Killer 145 “PINK X-RAY”

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[BAC2022×deps] Silent Killer 145 “PINK X-RAY”


Length: 145mm
​Lure Wt.:1.6oz
Type: Floating

New Silent Killer 145 now available in Basser collaboration color!

The New Silent Killer 145 is recommended for fishing with the "big swinging bait" that has become popular in the Kasumigaura water system in recent years.

A bit smaller compared to the lures commonly used for the swaying-type big bait fishing. The lure features a body made of soft material, allowing for a softer water entry and minimizing the splash sound upon landing. This design enables a more gentle and subtle approach.

This time, the collaboration color with Basser is “PINK X-RAY” . The synergistic effect of black and pink will surprise the bass.

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