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Stimulating Territorial Instincts: Introduction to Ayu Lures

Stimulating Territorial Instincts: Introduction to Ayu Lures

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Ayu lure fishing is not a fishing method that invites fish to prey on you. It is a fishing method that stimulates the territorial instinct of the ayu, making them chase and then hooking them. You can start with simple tackle and enjoy the strong pull. This book is an introductory manual for Ayu lures for those who want to try fishing for Ayu, covering everything from the ecology of Ayu to equipment, fishing methods, cooking, and fishing spot guides.


Ayu lure recommendation …… 06

Basic knowledge of Ayu lure

A beautiful yearling with brilliant yellow spots... 16

The lifestyle of sweetfish and the pleasure of eating them... 22

Ayu lure is for fishing in "rapids"... 26

Chapter 2: Tackle explanation and item introduction

Items to enjoy the river in summer... 34

Overall view of tackle... 40

The ultimate Ayu lure rod... 46

Drag performance and gear ratio are important for reels... 50

Ayu Lure Line Selection... 52

How to choose an Ayu lure... 54

Tuning your lure for ayu... 58

The hook that is excellent for hooking also becomes dull quickly... 62

The whole picture of Ayu lures... 65

Ayuing Minnow/Daiwa Otori Minnow/Jackall Nagareayu 110F , Ikiayu/Duo Eskade, Eskade Vibe/Palms Rearyu typeR , Baby Rearyu typeR , Riskade /Katsuichi

Column/A fishing license is required for river fishing... 70



Chapter 3: Fishing Instructions

Ayu Lure has entered its growth period... 72

Observe the river and read the points... 74

Behavior patterns during the season... 80

The basics of Ayu lure are run and gone... 82

Casting Style Basics... 88

A delicate approach and a strong fight... 96

Add drift and go from line fishing to surface fishing... 106

Fishing in high and low water... 112

Things to do to step up... 118

A new and fascinating world: Novezao Style... 124

Secrets to success... 130

Using a weight to put a lure into a strong current... 133

Catch sweetfish with a dip net! ... 136

Tips for improving your "recruitment" skills

How to enter and walk in the river... 138


Chapter 4: Tasting Ayu 141

How to kill and preserve ayu... 142

Make delicious fish on a grill!

How to grill with salt

Enjoy the casting style... 146

Ayu lure fishing spots nationwide







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