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The Owner of a Famous Lure Shop Finally Reveals the Truth About Fishing Equipment

The Owner of a Famous Lure Shop Finally Reveals the Truth About Fishing Equipment

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In 1997, at the age of 28, he left his job to open a lure and fly specialty store, and more than a quarter century has passed since then. Currently, 70% of the products on offer are bass products, 20% are trout products, and 10% are fly products. The owner of "Ozzy's" has a policy of wanting customers to pick up and check out the rods themselves before making a selection, and so has around 1,000 items on display at all times. Wanting as many people as possible to "experience the depth and joy of true fishing," the owner of "Ozzy's" is sharing for the first time the wealth of knowledge he has acquired through time and experience. This is a collection of "honest talks" from the owner of a fishing tackle store, who is rarely seen in public.

Instead of getting swayed by the abundance of information, questionable common sense and assumptions, and feeling like you've become a better fisherman, we have written easy-to-understand advice to help you get to the essence of fishing through your own thinking and experience, as well as concrete advice for making fishing a deeper and more enjoyable experience.


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Table of Contents


Introduction: A slightly long preface 4


Chapter 1

Hook Story 13

The Importance of the Needle Point 14

How to Manage Needle Points 16

Can Chemical Polishing be Used to Sharpen the Sharpness of Surfaces? 18

Increase Your Catch with Hook Covers 19

About the Strength of the Hook 22

Size Story 24

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kaeshi 26

Consideration of Barashi 27

Hook Tuning is Both Challenging and Fun 31


Chapter 2

Line Story 34

Cool but Confusing Fishing Line Packages 35

Non-Standardized Line Strength Notation 36

The Thickness (Number) of Monofilament Line (Nylon/Fluoro) is Standardized 40

The Number of PE Lines Does Not Indicate the Thickness 43

The Even More Troublesome IGFA Standard 46

About Line Colors 51

Fly Leader (Tippet) Standard 52


Chapter 3

Lure Story 54

"Please Tell Me What Lures Are Good for Catching Fish." 55

Why Do Fish Bite Lures? 56

Serious Mistake 57

Are Fish Simple Devices? 59

What if the Fish Thinks the Lure is Bait and Doesn't Bite It? 60

How to Choose a Lure 66


Chapter 4

Rod's Story 71

Rod Performance 72

Rod Power? 75

Rod Bending Curve (Degree of Bending) Story 78

Rod Weight 80

Rod Evolution 81

Rod for Mid-Casting? 84

Guide's Story 86

Grip (Reel Seat) Story 89

Joint Story 92

How To Choose a Rod 94


Chapter 5

Reel Stories 100

How to Choose a Spinning Reel 101

How to Choose a Baitcasting Reel 107

Gear Ratio Story 116

How to Wind the Line 119

Price Difference 128

The Merits of Spinning and Bait Fishing 130

About the Popular Bait Finesse and Power Finesse 132

Maintenance and Customization 134

Handling Precautions 144

Another Option: Closed Face 146


Chapter 6

Leader and Knot Story 149

The Meaning of Having a Leader

Knot Story 141


Chapter 7

Other stories 164

Talking About Tackle Balance - The Angler Himself Is Also Part of the Tackle 165

Wear and Safety Equipment Talk 166

Changes in Fishing: New Technologies Emerging One After Another 170


Chapter 8

A Slightly Unpleasant Story 174

01 Introduction 177

02 Who Owns the Wild Fish? 179

03 What Is the Fishing Fee? 181

04 Is Fishing a Barbaric Pastime? 183

05 Is Fishing a Minority Activity? 185

06 The Social Status of Fishing in America and Japan 187

07 A Future Where Anglers Protect the Aquatic Environment 189


Afterword 191

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