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Step up from 10 fish a day with cutting-edge ayu fishing lessons

Step up from 10 fish a day with cutting-edge ayu fishing lessons

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Tadasuke Arioka, who won the 2023 "Daiwa Ayu Masters" national tournament for the second time and is actively working to popularize Ayu lure fishing (Ayuing), reveals in this book all about how to enjoy and improve ayu fishing, i.e., ayu fishing and ayu lure fishing. This book is packed with the charm of ayu fishing, useful for everyone from those who are about to purchase fishing equipment for the first time to veterans who are aiming to become advanced fishermen.

Author Tadasuke Arioka has been fond of ayu fishing since he was a child, swimming with the ayu and observing them in the water. As he grew older he discovered fishing tournaments and he started learning from respected masters and started competing competing with rivals, which allowed him to acquire his own unique perspective and improve his skills. This was also supported by the lifestyle he enjoys while working as a farmer, mainly growing eggplants, in Shikoku.

"Ayu fishing seems fun, but it's difficult." This book will overturn that preconceived notion.



Table of Contents


Introduction 5


Chapter 1

My Encounter with Ayu Fishing 6

About the environment in which I was born and raised 7

Fishing in my childhood 7

Awakening to the Fishing Tournament 10

Imitate people who often fish and think from the perspective of the ayu 11

Try to keep your catch from fluctuating too much 13



Chapter 2

Choosing fishing gear 14

Choosing a pole, the first one 15

How to choose your second one 17

What I want from a rod 18

Sensitivity 19

Clothing advice: vests, shirts, tights, etc. 20

Fishing nets, fishing boats, and accessories (weight pouches and fishing hook cases) 24



Chapter 3

Considerations about the tools 26

About the completed tools 27

Making fishing tackles will multiply the fun of fishing 27

About each part of the tool

Ceiling line 28 / Hook around 32 / Reverse hook 32 / Underwater line around 34 / Hook 35 / Back hook 36 / Weight 38



Chapter 4

Standing on the River 40

Viewpoint: Thinking and seeing from Ayu's point of view 41

Ayu ate rocks 42

Ayu and tips for early, peak and late seasons

Early period of ayu 44 / High activity in peak season 46 / Late spawning approaching (large ayu) 47 / High water (increasing) 48 / High water (decreasing) 49 / Remaining red points 50 / Drought point 52 / Red rot point 52



Chapter 5

First Goal: "10 fish a day" 54

Where and how should a beginner in toad fishing catch 10 fish in a day ? 55

The first one 56

Ways to quickly and trouble-free change bait 56

How to pull it out securely 59

What is the condition of the bait when you can't catch anything? 62

Be careful of the reverse hook coming off and trouble with the middle line 63



Chapter 6

Step Up 65

My Step Up Difference in the Curve of the rod 66

Awakening to the Fan Pull 69

A ayu instead of a horse emerged from the gourd!? 71

The bait is dropped into the water and the fish dives headfirst like a high diving athlete 73

Where should I put it to catch a fish? 76

Bait swimming control 77

"Breathe" Fishing 79

How to leave the buttocks 81

The importance of shaft angle 82



Chapter 7

Step Up 86

The range of the bait = the barometer of vitality 87

Slide Controls 88

How much lateral movement should be allowed? 90

Throw or send? 90

I had the whole area to myself while fishing 95

About the speed of search and decision making 95

Why are landmarks important? 96

Zero appears as a landmark 97

Horizontal and vertical movement of the mark 100

How to use LINE 101

Reverse burr and hitting position 102

Fishing for school ayu 104



Chapter 8

Introduction to ayuing 107

Commonalities with Tomozuri 108

Tackle 109

The appeal of ayuing, the value of one fish 110

Lure setting 111

Length of hook, shape of hook, hardness of hook 112

Various places to hang out 112

Basics of Lure Operation 116

Ideal way to hang 118



Chapter 9:

Masters, masters, rivals, friends - Masters who helped me grow 120

Mitsuru Murata 121 / Katsuya Tateiwa 122 / Hideo Sudo 123 / Makoto Kagoshima 124 / Kiyoshi Noma 125 / Tsuyoshi Ozawa 126 / Masashi Seta 127 / Takashi Okazaki 128



Chapter 10

The appeal of ayu fishing competitions 129

Awakening to the "Daiwa Ayu Masters" 130

I want to be the best in Ayu fishing in Japan 131

"Daiwa Ayu Masters" to first national finals 133

Competing in the Tester Class 134



Final Chapter

Omnibus Message 136

Learning about ayu from eggplant cultivation seasonal changes 137

Company management and ayu fishing: Commonalities between what is important 139

For young ayu fishing fans just starting out 140

Ayu River Environment and Current Situation Hopes for the Future 140



Afterword 142




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