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What the researchers really wanted to convey: Fish, waterside, forests, and hope

What the researchers really wanted to convey: Fish, waterside, forests, and hope

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Photojournalist Soichiro Ura, who has been observing the nature of Japan for a long time, interviews leading researchers of fish ecology and river environments. In the process, he reveals that many of the common sense ideas that have been held up until now, such as "releasing fish into rivers will not increase the number of fish, and in fact will have the opposite effect," and "dams are not suitable for flood control, and will simply destroy the ecosystem," are incorrect and that we need to reconsider our approach.


This book introduces the research results of experts who can be considered the guardians of these waterfronts, as well as their valuable knowledge and proposals for the future, in an easy-to-understand manner, including concrete materials. It highlights the issues surrounding Japan's waterfronts, such as erosion control dams, estuary barrages, water transfer projects, and coastal erosion. This book will make anglers, as well as anyone who is thinking about the future of fish-friendly waterfronts, think about what they can do now.


Table of contents:


004 While fishing, I thought about rivers, fish, and environmental issues.


Chapter 1: Ecology of fish in rivers


008 Is water temperature the reason why char and yamame salmon live in different habitats?

Considering interspecific competition and extinction risk among mountain stream fish


016 The expression "Tanezawa" was correct!

Tributaries are the cradle of mountain stream fish


028 Fish from tributaries move into the main stream

Maintaining populations through the "seepage effect"


039 Fish that like to eat terrestrial insects

The importance of riparian forests becomes clear


049 Are rainbow trout weak to bait?

Easy and hard fish to catch


062 Will hatching and releasing fish result in fewer fish?

Salmon teaches us about the vitality of wild fish


076 Is it true that releasing them will not necessarily increase their numbers?

"National Cherry Salmon Summit 2022" Report


090 Cherry salmon population declines due to stocking of yamame trout


101 The "adverse effects of releasing fish" are becoming clear


112 Don't call me a villain!

The Japanese dace helps the sweetfish grow


121 Chapter 1: Summary


123: Chapter 2: Thinking about mountain stream fishing spot management


124 The reality of inland fisheries associations


144 Don't rely solely on release!

Fishing ground management to increase the number of mountain stream fish


155  How a single pamphlet can change the future

"A river where you can always find fish" brings smiles and fish back to mountainous areas


171 Chapter 2: Summary


173 Chapter 3: The Dam that Destroys the River


174 Severe disaster! Utilizing lessons learned from Typhoon Hagibis in 2019

Why aren't "cheap and effective" levees adopted?


184 Water storage was possible thanks to the fact that the tank happened to be empty

Did the Yamba Dam really protect the city from floods?


196 Floods that do not go away even with 3,000 dams

Where did Japan's flood control policy go wrong?


206 Causes River Aneurysm

Considering dams in Japan


215 It's not just that fish can move

Advantages of slitting


224 Reviving the river with the help of anglers

Example of slit construction of sabo dam in Hokkaido


242 Mechanism of riverbed lowering caused by sabo dams


254 130 years of building erosion control dams ...

Isn't it time to stop this nonsense?


264 Chapter 3: Summary


267 Chapter 4: Rich forests create rich rivers


268 The problem of abandoned artificial forests, part 1

Forests that have lost their water-retaining capacity cause droughts and muddy floods


276 The problem of abandoned artificial forests, Part 2

Learning about sustainable forestry from Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture


283 Protecting the habitat of living creatures

Magnificent riverside forest


301 Fish is twice the height of the body

Can we survive on the "maintenance flow rate"?


309 Supplying sediment held back by the reservoir dam downstream

"Sediment return" enriches the biota


319 Will Japan's land area be reduced?

Dam-induced coastal erosion


327 Chapter 4: Summary

330 Researcher Profiles


334 Afterword


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