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What Taka Tanaka and Nobuhiko Tomomatsu think about before fishing: A Q&A on the best black porgy fishing

What Taka Tanaka and Nobuhiko Tomomatsu think about before fishing: A Q&A on the best black porgy fishing

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Float fishing for black porgy (medina) has fans all over Japan. In the nationwide tournaments Daiwa Black Porgy Masters and Shimano Japan Cup Iso (Black Porgy), the two champions, Taka Tanaka and Nobuhiko Tomomatsu, who achieved V8 and V5 respectively, are extremely strong and answer 85 questions covering everything from the basics to the advanced aspects of black porgy fishing.


This book details the "core of catching black porgy fishing" that can be returned to at any time, from those who want to start fishing with float fishing, to intermediate anglers who want to improve their level, and even advanced anglers who want to reexamine their fishing. It is a collection of gems of questions that will change the way you fish from tomorrow, and is the ultimate guidebook for black porgy fishing.


Table of contents


002 Introduction

003 Profile of the two


- The ecology of grey mullet, what kind of fish is it? -

008 Q1 : What kind of fish is a grey mullet? Including the difference between a black mullet and a black mullet.

010 Q2 : Are there any behavioral patterns of sea bream that you are aware of throughout the year?

016 Q3 : Are there any differences in the behavior of sea bream depending on the sea area or region?

018 Q4: When is the easiest season to catch sea bream, and when is the hardest season to catch them?

019 Q5 : Is there anything that you think has changed in recent sea bream fishing?

020 Q6: When do you think greyhounds are smart or tough?


- Basic fishing tackles and fishing equipment, how to choose and use them -

022 Q7: Please tell us the basic setup and your own pilot setup.

028 Q8: Are there any tips for choosing a rod?

032 Q9: Do you have any tips for choosing a reel?

036 Q10: What size line should I use?

038 Q11: What size and number of floats do you usually use?

042 Q12: What size line should I use?

044 Q13: What type of needles do you use?

046 Q14: How do you tie the float stopper?

048 Q15: Please tell me how to tie the line you are using.

051 Q16: What size lead sinker should I use?

052 Q17: Please tell me how to shoot a gun.

058 Q18: Please tell us about your particular preferences for bait


~What to think about first at the fishing spot and how to put it into practice~

062 Q19: Where do you aim for your first cast at the fishing spot?

063 Q20: How do you choose a fishing spot?

064 Q21: At what depth do you catch the most sea bream throughout the season?

066 Q22: How do you decide which depth to aim for?

070 Q23: Please tell us the condition of the tackle that you think will help you catch fish.

071 Q24: On the other hand, please tell us the condition of the tackle that makes you feel like you can't catch anything.

072 Q25: What is the first thing you check when you start fishing?

074 Q26: Do you have to worry about tides or the ebb and flow of the tides?

076 Q27: Are there any weather or wind/wave conditions that are good for catching black porgy?

078 Q28: What is the difference between raw, processed and boiled krill?

080 Q29: What other bait do you use besides krill?

082 Q30: Please tell me the basics of front and back casting of bait and bait work.

088 Q31: Is there a way to attach bait when the fish is tough?

092 Q32: When is it effective to fish near the shore? And how should you fish then?

094 Q33: What is the most common method of depositing funds?

098 Q34: Are there ways to avoid different types of bait-stealers?

108 Q3:5 Is there a time or timing when aiming for a surge is effective?

110 Q36: Are there any tips for aiming for a surge?

114 Q37: How deep do you aim for?

122 Q38: Is there a way to fish when you see sea bream in shallow waters?

124 Q39: How do you usually get a hit?

133 Q40: What possibilities do you consider when no bait is being taken at all?

134 Q41: What do you think when the bait is taken but there are no bites at all?

136 Q42: What happens when the float is held down but doesn't bite?

140 Q43: What causes the hook to slip out?

142 Q44: Is there any information obtained from the way the needle is inserted?

143 Q45: If I want to catch both the black porgy and the long-tailed magpie, should I change the hook?

144 Q46: When you're not catching any fish, are there any adjustments you often make or don't make?

145 Q47: Which results in more catches: using a taut line or letting it go free?

146 Q48: Is there a way to catch spawning sea bream?

150 Q49: Is there any way to deal with the situation when the tide is not moving?

151 Q50: Please tell me how to fish in the two-layer tide.

155 Q51: Please tell me how to fish when the tide is hitting.

160 Q52: What do you do when you are fishing next to someone else and your spot is upstream?


~Tips for successful long-distance fishing~

164 Q53: When it comes to long-distance fishing, how far out do you aim?

165 Q54: Why does long-distance fishing work?

166 Q55: What kind of scoop should I choose for long-distance fishing?

170 Q56: How do you detect a bite when long-distance fishing?


~Responding to changes in fishing conditions~

174 Q57: Do you care about the water temperature at the fishing spot?

176 Q58: Should I reduce the amount of bait when there are few bait-eaters?

180 Q59: What are some tips for watching the tides and finding tide lines?

182 Q60: When do you feel like moving to a different beach?

183 Q61: How do you fish when you can't see the float because of backlight?

184 Q62  Is there anything you can get from catching other fish?

186 Q63: What should I do in case of strong winds?

188 Q64: How do you fish when the waves are big?

190 Q65: Are there any tips for fishing on rocky shorelines with very high footing?

192 Q66: Are there any tips for fishing on low-lying rocky shorelines?

194 Q67: How often do you change the device? What are the standards?

196 Q68: Is there anything I can do when the line sticks to the rod due to rain?

197 Q69: What kind of polarized sunglasses do you choose?

200 Q70: Are there any tips for catching a large fish (over 40 cm) or catching a lot of fish?

204 Q71: When letting out the line, do you keep the reel's bail arm open?

206 Q72: Are there any times when it is better to let points rest?


~How to handle the fish after it's been caught and how to use the dip net~

209 Q73: Do you use the reel drag?

210 Q74: Do you use the reel lever brake when fishing?

213 Q75: What mistakes should you avoid making during communication?

214 Q76: When is it better to drive large vehicles and when is it better to stop?

216 Q77: Are there any tips to avoid being cut by the long-tailed magpie?

219 Q78: Please tell me some tips for using a net effectively.


Other advice:

224 Q79: Are there any tips or recommended methods for fishing at dusk?

226 Q80: How do you decide on a fishing spot? What weather app do you usually use?

227 Q81: Have you ever had a near miss while out on the rocks? Have you ever done anything to ensure safety?

230 Q82: Is it possible to "hit the target repeatedly" when fishing for sea bream?

232 Q83: What are some tips for enjoying a remote island trip?

235 Q84: Is there a difference between competitive fishing and regular fishing? What kind of person do you think is strong?

236 Q85: Please tell us some tips for improving your black porgy fishing, based on your own experience.



104 Mackerel countermeasures with lead and bait work

223 Eat the fish you caught 



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