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[Accepting Oredrs] Japan Anglers Store Original Smartphone Ring

[Accepting Oredrs] Japan Anglers Store Original Smartphone Ring

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There are 23 different variations!

Before I knew it, I had my phone in my hands once again...
Especially in times like these, we want people to always feel the joy of fishing.

With this feeling in mind, we packed "love" into a small square.

I'm sure you can guess the name of the fish in the picture!

The price, including shipping and tax, is ¥2,653 per item.

Size: W38.5 × H48.5mm
Weight: 14g
Body: Polycarbonate, double-sided adhesive sheet
Ring: Zinc alloy plating
Durability: 8kg
Ring color: Silver (matte)
Installation: Direct installation or case installation is possible (depending on the surface material and processing, it may be difficult to attach)
Number of times it can be attached and detached: Approximately 5 times

●How to attach and remove the smartphone ring

[List of compatible models]
Compatible with iPhone and Android devices.
*Depending on the surface material and processing, it may be difficult to adhere.

[Precautions for use]
- After applying, press with your finger to ensure complete adhesion.
- Do not hold the smartphone by the ring part only.
- Do not install in a location where it may affect the deployment of the airbag or interfere with driving.
- It is prohibited by law for drivers to talk on a smartphone or look at the display while driving.
・Do not leave the smartphone attached inside the car, as high temperatures may damage the smartphone.
- If the object has wax or mold release agents on it, this will prevent adhesion.
- Do not use excessive force when installing or removing the smartphone as this may damage the smartphone etc.
・Do not disassemble, repair, or modify.
・Do not install this product in a location that obstructs forward visibility, interferes with driving operations, or poses a danger to passengers. Doing so may result in a traffic accident or injury.
・This product is a consumable product.


[This product is "possible" to ship via Nekopos]
This product is "compatible" with "Nekopos".
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- If the weight or size exceeds Nekopos's limit, delivery will be made by Sagawa Express.
- If the shipping fee changes due to the change in the shipping method mentioned above, your order may be canceled.
In that case, we will contact you. Thank you for your understanding.

- Cash on delivery is not available.
- You cannot specify a delivery time.
- The number of days it takes for Nekopos to deliver the item is approximately 4 to 7 days from the date of shipment. Some areas in the may experience longer shipping times.
- The item will be delivered to your mailbox. If the mailbox is difficult to find or you are unable to deliver the item, the item will be returned to us and your order will be cancelled.

*Estimated shipping time: 1 to 2 weeks
*If you purchase multiple items, we will ship them according to the item that arrives latest.

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