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[Pre-order item] JETBOIL limited design “Monthly Tsurijin Senjafuda” Ver.

[Pre-order item] JETBOIL limited design “Monthly Tsurijin Senjafuda” Ver.

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Compact, fuel-efficient cooking system “Jetboil Flash”

Limited design “Monthly Tsuribito Senjafuda” Ver.

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Product shipping period: Late February to early March *Subject to change depending on stock availability


Introducing a groundbreaking outdoor cooking gadget that quickly boils water with low heat – available in a limited edition design exclusively for Tsuribito!

*The gas cartridge "JETPOWER" in the photo is not included.

○ Outdoor cooking equipment that includes a thermal cooker and a highly efficient stove.
Great for fishing, trekking, camping, touring, and a variety of other outdoor activities!

○The flux ring at the bottom of the cooker achieves outstanding thermal efficiency,
Balancing high firepower with energy efficiency – this gadget achieves the fastest boiling time of 500ml water in just 100 seconds. Its high power and low fuel consumption make it truly appealing.

Easily ignite with a piezoelectric ignition device (igniter). When boiling, the indicator on the side of the cooker changes to orange, notifying you of the boiling status.

Featuring a neoprene cozy (insulating cover) that allows you to lift the cooker with bare hands after cooking, ensuring a safe design.

◯When transporting, all parts can be stored in a special cooker. Even when all the parts are stored, it only weighs about 440g. Easy to assemble during use.

○ “Stabilizer” attached to the cartridge to prevent it from falling over
Also included is a trivet that can be used for pots and frying pans!
Of course, all the accessories can be stored together in the cooker and carried around.
*Gas cartridge is not included.
Please prepare the cartridge "JETPOWER" exclusively for JET BOIL. "JETPOWER" can be purchased at Montbell stores nationwide.

[JET BOIL handling site]
JETBOIL | Official brand site

[Weight] Approx. 371g (excluding accessory stabilizer 27g and trivet 35g)
[Color] Carbon (CARB) *Limited to this site with "Monthly Tsurijin Senjafuda" logo
[Size] Diameter 10.4cm x Height 18cm (when stored)
[Capacity] 1.0L
[Boiling time] Approximately 1 minute 40 seconds (0.5L) *1
[Output] 2269kcal/h
[Material] Aluminum alloy (cooker body)
[Gas consumption] Approx. 139g/h *2

*1 Boiling time: Ambient temperature 20℃, water temperature 20℃, 64m above sea level, no wind conditions (according to Jetboil R)
*2 One can of “Jet Power 100g” can boil approximately 10L of water.


Founders Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst, tired of rugged stoves and heavy fuel canisters in outdoor cooking scenarios, embarked on the development of cooking utensils to make outdoor dining convenient. In 2001, they initiated the creation of tools for enjoying meals outdoors effortlessly.

The key to quick cooking with simple utensils is to "maximize the efficiency of small firepower." Through rigorous testing in both laboratories and outdoor settings, Jetboil was finally perfected. Jetboil not only delivers products with confidence but also continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology in product development.



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