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147 dishes that will make you happy for a lifetime - Encyclopedia of fish illustration recipes

147 dishes that will make you happy for a lifetime - Encyclopedia of fish illustration recipes

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147 recipes made with 19 popular fish species such as horse mackerel, red sea bream, cutlassfish, and filefish!

This is a completely new style cookbook with fun illustrations and photos!
There's a lot to learn from how to fillet the fish, how to serve it, and even delicious dishes that only anglers know!
Familiar guest fishes like the Triggerfish make special appearances for our angler friends.

The author is Ms. Yuki Ogaki, a prodigious young girl who, at the age of 12, designed the ANA 'Marine Jumbo.' Currently excelling as a top-tier designer, her passion for fishing and cooking is vividly portrayed in this book, brought to life through her creativity and dedication.

Welcome to the wonderland of fish dishes!

This is the entrance to a new world filled with ``fun,'' ``delight,'' and ``delicious.''


Now, a sudden question:
What color is the sea bream?



But that's not all. There's another color: cobalt blue.
On the freshly caught sea bream's body, blue markings sparkle like embedded sapphires, glistening brightly.


Why is hairtail fish called hairtail fish?

Because it has an elongated shape like a long sword (tachi).

But that's not all.
Just as a Japanese sword shines brightly, a freshly caught hairtail fish shines brightly.
It has a dazzling, metallic sheen that can outshine even aluminum foil, reflecting its own image..

However, the blue hue of the red sea bream and the mirror-like gloss of the cutlassfish fade over time.
Along with them, the invisible deliciousness also disappears.
Before these vanish, being able to cook the fish deliciously, almost like magic, opens up a world of happiness.

“Is fish really that delicious?”

Cooking with fresh fish always surprises me.

I love steak, but even more, I love sashimi, sushi, fries...
You will look forward to eating fish and you will love it.
There are many people who get hooked on fishing.
Fresh fish doesn't have any odor, and actually, it seems like it has a nice aroma.

The new world you didn't know is exciting.
It's delightful to be able to fillet fish.
And when your own fish dishes turn out delicious, it's a joy.

This book covers everything from the appearance of a whole fish to the process of handling and cooking it.
And to make it possible to create various styles, whether Japanese or Western, I've illustrated the process with easy-to-follow and cheerful drawings.

The photos of the food are taken from the fish caught on the same day,
These photos were taken just before eating, and they show the real taste .

147 dishes that will make you happy forever,
I hope you enjoy it.


There are also many `` sweets '' here.
Beautiful sea. Dear fish. We appreciate the environment and want to take care of it.
Eat all the fish you catch.
May the things you love last forever.

Yukie Ogaki

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