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Learn Everything In One Book! Complete Guide To Mountain Stream Fishing and Camping

Learn Everything In One Book! Complete Guide To Mountain Stream Fishing and Camping

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The author, who has been fishing at the headwaters of streams for about 40 years and is known for his works such as "Hyoitto Genryu Tsuri" and "Nihon Shakunakei", has compiled all the know-how for fishing and staying overnight in the upper reaches of uninhabited streams (i.e. the headwaters). The book thoroughly and carefully explains the actual techniques of stream fishing and camping, including how to make a plan starting from choosing a river, how to walk and cross the river to safely reach your destination, how to fish, how to set up a tarp, how to make a bonfire and clean up afterwards, how to cook rice, and how to prepare sashimi from the char you caught. It also includes model plans for staying overnight in the streams of five rivers in Honshu, showing the locations of campsites on site.

Why not leave the managed campsites and enjoy the great outdoors in an untouched valley?



Table of Contents


Introduction 6

Overnight mountain stream fishing diagnosis: Which type are you? 8


Chapter 1: Plan

How to choose the best river and campsite for your first overnight mountain stream fishing trip 


The first step in choosing a river is to know the river. 14

What season is best? 23

The deciding factor in choosing a river is the map. Imagine the area from a 1:25,000 map. 25

Maps and compasses are a set. It is dangerous to rely only on GP. 30 

Things Maps Can and Can't Tell You 33

Where to stay on the river? Practical tips for choosing a campsite 34

Make a schedule and timetable 41

The importance of having a second plan in mind for escape 45

Writing a Plan 46

Recommendation for taking out insurance 48


Chapter 2 Gear

Essential items for walking, eating, and staying


Clothing and footwear during the upstream journey 51

Things you need around the tent 59


Chapter 3 Technique

Things you should know when wading, fishing, and camping


01 Upstream walking Basics of walking, Heturi, Takamaki, Wading 65

02 Fishing

Stream fishing targets 76

Basic points and approaches "Fuchi" 80

Continuation: Basics of Points and Approaches 83

● Lure fishing (mountain stream bait finesse) tackle & tackle 9096

Stream Bait Finesse Tackle Casting 100

Lures and Fishing 106

● Tenkara fishing tackle & tackle 92108

Tenkara fishing transfer 112


How to use a hair lure to lure fish and natural drift 116

From hooking to catching 118

 Bait fishing tackle & tackle 94120

Positioning and swinging the rod 126

From hooking to catching 129


03 Camping

Setting up a tarp to create a tent 132

How to make a bonfire 138

How to Cook Rice 146

Char sashimi and char dishes 150


Chapter 4 Guide

A model plan for staying overnight in the valley for 1 night and 2 days to 2 nights and 3 days


5 carefully selected plans & consecutive stays 155

Tsumegawa, Aomori Prefecture (1 night 2 days to 2 nights 3 days bass fishing trip) 157

Akita Prefecture Oani River source, Oasahi-matazawa & Ogasawa (local 1 night 2 days to 2 nights 3 days bass fishing trip) 161

Niigata Prefecture Arakawa tributary Onagawa (local 2 nights 3 days travel or base fishing trip) 165

Nagano Prefecture Nakatsugawa tributary Uonogawa (local 2 nights 3 days bass fishing trip) 169

Nagano Prefecture Azusa River tributary Mizudono River (local 1 night 2 days to 2 nights 3 days bass fishing trip) 173


Chapter 5 Trouble

How to avoid life-threatening dangers and deal with annoying insects


Regarding sudden weather changes and injuries 178

Annoying insects 184


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