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Helly Hansen x Basser collaboration Parka

Helly Hansen x Basser collaboration Parka

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Helly Hansen x Basser collaboration Parka

Available for purchase in limited quantities!

Our first collaboration with HHA (Helly Hansen) is a fleece-lined sweat pullover parka made from environmentally friendly materials. Made of a blend of cotton and polyester, it has a natural texture and dries quickly. Some of the materials are made from ocean-recycled polyester (100% recycled polyester) made from recycled ocean plastic trash.

The thick and plush sweat fabric offers a soft, brushed interior for a comfortable feel and excellent insulation. The shoulder seam is designed with freedom sleeves, allowing easy arm movement. The boat-shaped design on the front adds a subtle accent. Inside the pocket, there's a key pocket for added convenience. The ribbed cuffs and hem provide a neat and stylish finish.

The back has a reflective print with the double names Basser and Helly Hansen. It is also effective as a safety measure at night and in dark areas.

●Interview about the development of the product with Ryo Koike and Helly Hansen Division, Goldwin Co., Ltd.

▼What led to the collaboration?
At last year's All Stars, I saw a collaboration product between Basser and Fruits of the Loom and thought, "I want to do that too!" In particular, the socks with the Basser logo were so nice that I bought them as well. We hope to have a great time together this year, so we decided to collaborate this time.

▼The material

Made of a blend of cotton and polyester, it has a natural texture and dries quickly. Under Helly Hansen's policy of "respect for nature," the polyester used in the Parka is made from recycled marine plastic waste (mainly plastic bottles). The lining features fleece (distinct from 'brushed fleece'), providing excellent breathability. You can wear it not only as an outer layer but also as a midlayer, of course.

▼The design

We've employed the cutting technique called 'Freedom Sleeve,' ensuring that the design, especially around the underarms, prevents the hem from riding up when you raise your arms. This hoodie is crafted not just for ease of movement through the fabric but achieved through innovative cutting methods.

▼The back print

A double name print is applied to the back using a "reflective print" that glows in the dark. Reflective print is an iconic design that symbolizes the brand's character and is often featured on Helly Hansen's widely recognized sailing wear. The reason why it's on the back is because we want to make the "fishing" pose, which is often featured from the back, look cool.

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(Model height: 187cm, weight: 85kg, wearing size L)

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