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Basacon/Tsurikon original container box

Basacon/Tsurikon original container box

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New original container BOX with Basser/Tsuribito (Senjafuda) logo is now available!

During the quiet moments of fishing, seek a more enjoyable and enriching time with stylish and compact outdoor gear.

With a storage capacity of 20L, you can compactly store various fishing gear. Choose between the Basser or Tsuribito corporate shrine logos and make it a useful addition to your home or car storage.

External dimensions: 366×364×283(81)mm
*Brackets indicate inner dimensions when folded: 336 x 232 x 258 mm
Effective internal dimensions: 335 x 231 x 258mm
Contains: 20.0L
Weight: 1.27kg
Material: PP (polypropylene)

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